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Welcome to Caltec Instrument Services Ltd

Caltec Instrument Services offers its customers an all-inclusive instrumentation service. Our business
truly believes in quality management, which will continually deliver products and services that satisfy
clients and comply to regulatory requirements.

Instrument Calibration

Services for instrument calibration are often performed at the location of our client. However, our
Karachi workshop is fully equipped to repair instruments as well.

Temperature monitoring systems

To meet client demands, Caltec Instrument Services can provide, install, and operate a variety of
temperature monitoring systems.

Instrumentation services from Caltec

We offer a wide range of services at Caltec.

A specialised organisation called Caltec Instrument Services provides on-site servicing, installation,
and calibration services for a variety of industrial instruments. This entails things like conductivity,
humidity, flow level, temperature, pressure, and other parameters are included.

We also provide, install, and equip a wide variety of instrumentation to meet customer needs, and
we would be delighted to have the chance to talk about any needs your company may have and
provide an acceptable quote.

In Pakistan, Caltec Instrument Services is active. Hospitals, pharmaceuticals, fertiliser, textiles,
cement, oil and gas, food processors, breweries, and dairies are just a few of the many industries we
serve as clients.

Any form of pressure and vacuum gauge, including pressure/level transmitters and hydraulic gauges
up to 400 bars of pressure, are implemented. Instruments for pH and conductivity are also frequently

    On-site maintenance and calibration of:

    • Industrial instrumentation and process control
    • All types of temperature monitoring
    • All types of pressure gauges and transmitters
    • Conductivity and humidity instruments
    • Process control